Shredding/Product Destruction

What is
Product Destruction

Product Destruction is often the only way to eliminate your liability associated with the distribution of your recalled, out of spec and counterfeit products as well as the improper use of your outdated packaging. 

Products that fail to meet company standards or regulations pose a threat if not disposed of in a secure, documented fashion. Landfills are no place for sensitive and defective materials that could re-surface in an aftermarket.

As a safe, secure alternative and with brand protectionism in mind, Westcan Recyclers offers product destruction services that render materials and media unusable and irretrievable by crushing and/or shredding methods. We also provide thorough documentation to help you satisfy the needs of regulators and stakeholders. 

Westcan has been providing piece of mind to it's customer base for over 30 years with our specifically engineered destruction platform.

Another threat is your competitors coming into possession of your prototypes or models. When in doubt, destroy the products. Think of this as protection and Insurance of your Corporate brand name.

Product Destruction/Materials recovery

  • Secure Destruction
  • Complete warehouse product destruction
  • Portable offsite destruction options
  • Storage
  • Transportation

Secure Destruction:

Westcan Recyclers will provide a secure destruction/online video streaming/secure warehousing for the produce/chain of custody/24/7 surveillance over your product/on-site and off-site service.

- Damaged goods
- Defective or recalled goods
- Obsolete inventory
- Off-specification products
- Past-dated inventory or beverages
- Product de-packaging for recycling or destruction
- Prototypes
- Uniforms, ball caps and footwear

Thermal, live feed
and drone imaging

Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging

About Product Destruction in Canada

Manufactured goods may be harmful to people and the environment if disposed of improperly. Product destruction is a vital part of a company’s security procedure to make sure that such goods do not pose any harm. To ensure this security procedure, such businesses need to connect with a reliable Canadian Product Destruction company to make sure that the product is dispositioned to a safe and eco-friendly form. Westcan Recycling can provide your company the support it needs to when destroying any kind of product whether damaged goods, recalled product or overstock.