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Over 30 Years in
Metal Market

As a key player in the metal market for over 30 years, Westcan has established a reputation for producing a quality product. Our diverse range of equipment and knowledge base allows for shipping out material by rail, sea container, intermodal, deck, vans, and truckload in volume packages.

Built-in practices such as loading pictures, equipment checks & direct supervision from skilled personnel ensure transparency and efficiency.

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  • 15 Car capacity over 3 spurs located throughout southern Alberta
  • Dual CN/CP Service
  • Fleet of material handlers complete with elevated cabs
  • Crane Scales

Sea Container

  • Accoloader on Site
  • Fleet of Tractors
  • Network of drayage transport providers

Intermodal/ Vanload

  • Fleet of tractors
  • Well established network of contractors
  • Worldwide network of vendors
  • 7 Stationary & Portable docks across Southern Alberta