Environment & Safety


Our Guarantee

At Westcan Recyclers, we understand that sustainability is essential to success. Therefore we lead the way in principles, values, and practices that ensure growth and prosperity without compromise.

We believe that we can achieve our sustainability dream when we prioritize wellbeing, environmental stewardship, and ethical business practices.

We guarantee to bring these ideals to the workplace every time we serve our customers.

Health and Safety

Westcan Recyclers is committed to preventing injuries and maintaining a healthy environment.

The safety and health of our workplace are paramount. Management is committed to going above and beyond to prevent incidents and to maintain a healthy environment.

We understand that health and safety is not just an extra part of a manager, supervisor, or employee's job, it is an integral, full-time component of each individual's responsibilities. Our safety program is built on the foundation of the following principles: OHS Policies and Procedures, Training, Inspections and Reporting, Emergency Response, Auditing, Equipment Maintenance and Continual Improvement.


Westcan Recyclers is proud of its contributions to the Canadian recycling effort and is committed to the preservation of our environment and its limited natural resources. By recycling large quantities of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Westcan helps eliminate the need to continuously drill & mine for new raw materials. These efforts create sustainable resources and development in our world by reducing environmental waste, landfill waste, and the negative impact of resource extraction on the environment. Metal recycling also creates employment opportunities, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves water, and reduces energy usage.

Westcan seeks to be a positive influence for staff, clients, and the public; so as to minimize negative impacts on the environment and conserve natural resources. Westcan supports environmental stewardship through participating in local, regional, and global initiatives when possible.

We believes that all individuals have a right to a safe and healthy environment and should achieve a high degree of environmental awareness and contribute to the maintenance of such an environment.

Quality Assurance


Westcan has maintained our Certificate of Recognition for our health and safety since 2013. Our safety initiatives include:

  • A full time EHS professional on our management staff
  • Comprehensive safety program, policy and procedures
  • An in house maintenance program and team

ISN & Avetta

For many years, Westcan has held membership with both ISN and Avetta. We have preserved our standing through our quality assurance, safety program, policies, and environmental stewardship. Our ISN & Avetta memberships help clients and customers manage their risk, reduce document duplication, and strengthen relationships.

LEED v4.1

The most rigorous green building rating system in the world necessitates that customers and clients use a metal recycler that will fulfill all their requirements. Westcan provides:

  • Assistance in choosing construction materials with existing recycle or reuse potential (cradle to cradle life cycle assessment)
  • Fully integrated software that records dates & times, tracks material types, weights, and photographs every load
  • Commitment to recycling all metal and diverting as much waste from landfill as possible
  • Inspection of all material received and directing non-metal to suitable recovery facilities (i.e. cardboard, plastic, oil)
  • Separate individual material types & grades (i.e. steel, copper, aluminum, stainless)
  • Recycle both excess construction materials and demolition materials

‘Better Than’ - Industry Best Practices

  • A discounted WCB premium rate due to better than industry performance
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage; including commercial general liability and automobile
  • Membership with the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries
  • Hazardous Waste/Recyclables Consignor Designation
  • Experience and knowledge of asbestos abatement