Landfill Diversion

Waste Diversion

Waste diversion is the process of diverting waste from landfills through recycling and source reduction activities. This can be calculated in different ways.

As a global community, we can measure the size and number of landfills from one year to the next. If the landfills have shrunk or decreased in number, then it can be gathered that we are successfully implementing a waste diversion plan. If landfills have increased in number, then we are not doing enough to combat the growing population and growing waste we produce. 

On a smaller scale, we can track our week to week, or even day to day, waste diversion rate.


Landfill diversion can occur through recycling. Recycling refers to taking used materials and creating new products in order to prevent the disposal of these products in landfills. Recycling material can include glass, paper, wood, cardboard, metal, plastic, textiles, and electronics.

Metal Diversion

Metal Recycling is a critical component of landfill diversion as it has a significant immidiate impact in the amount of waste required to be buried. Westcan currently services numerous landfills as well as landfill haulers throughout Alberta. Customized equipment such as portable balers, portable shredders, downstream systems, and material handlers are utilized by Westcan staff to remove & recycle thousands of tons of metal each year.

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Our Credentials

Westcan Recyclers has sucessfully completed numerous on-site projects and landfill cleanups over that last 30 plus years.
In addition to our track record we maintain a COR certification as well as numerous other credentials as below: