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Abatement and
Norm Management

- Asbestos

NORM Management
- Oils
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Our industrial abatement & decontamination services include the following segments:
- Breweries
- Manufacturing
- Oil & Chemical Refineries
- Power Plants

We endeavor to utilize environmentally friendly recycling techniques to mimize, divert or eliminate waste from landfills


Westcan has establsihed a trusted name by going above and beyong to protect our customers. Our corporate mindset & focus has been built on the priority of protecting personnel and liability first and profits second. Westcan Recyclers has extensive experience with the removal of all types of hazardous materials including asbestos-containing materials (ACM), Oils, NORMs.

Asbestos Abatement

Due to the serious health risk associated with disturbing asbestos materials, determining the presence of asbestos is a critical step before the removal of suspect materials. In fact, Westcan requires this to be the first step of every client to ensure occupants safety.

Legal Obligations: Owners, managers and employers have a legal obligation under Alberta regulations to protect workers from exposure to asbestos. Health Canada, in collaboration with provincial governments, has adopted strict workplace regulations on exposure limits and handling of asbestos.

What is NORM?

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) is often found in its natural state – rocks or sand. In oil and gas production, NORM is most often seen in reservoir fluids (produced or flow-back water) from a geological formation that has radioactive materials present, build-up of mineral scales in pipes, sludge and contaminated filter socks and equipment.