Westcan is a member in good standing with ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.)and CARI (Canada’s Secondary Resource Industries)

Westcan Recyclers Ltd.
8919 - 68th Street S.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2C 2X6

Western Canadian Metals Inc.

Rail Facility
2647 - 61 AveS.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2C 4X3

Western Metal Recycling

4010 - 2nd Ave N
Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 0C6

Brokerage Services
Westcan Recyclers is part of a vast network of suppliers of scrap metal and users of recyclable materials. This network provides our suppliers and customers access to exclusive brokering services all over the world. As a result of nearly 20 years in the industry, Westcan representatives have solid relationships with users of recycled metal – allowing materials to be collected from locations around the world, then processed at one of several conveniently located network partner locations.
Industrial Demolition Services
Demolition: Commercial—Industrial—Construction
Westcan Recyclers offers complete demolition services for commercial, industrial and construction customers. We provide evaluation and project consultations to ensure an efficient and cost effective demolition. We have the qualifications, professionalism and equipment to handle all your demolition needs.
Demolition Safety
Westcan Recyclers top priority is the safety of all personnel directly and indirectly involved within the demolition area. Detailed planning for a demolition is the most important part of a successful project, we are an experienced team competent in all aspects of the demolition industry and we ensure that all measures are taken to perform the job safely.
Railroad Services
Westcan Recyclers is proud to possess a rail spur with a 7 car capacity, providing us with our own rail transportation to move products across North America. This gives Westcan greater access to worldwide markets for material distribution, as well as a more cost effective method of transportation. These cost savings are passed on to our valued customers.